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What a prehistoric hunter and today´s web user have in common?

Seemingly two unrelated concepts, right? You are probably thinking that this must be a joke. Most likely, the copywriter's colleagues made fun of him and wrote this article, or the copywriter started using some kind of drugs. None of it. I know it is hard to believe, but this article is serious. Are you interested in finding out how these two things relate? Let's go explore this unusual connection together.

1) Chapter 1 – Catching your attention by UX and UI

The main benefit of micro animations is their ability to catch attention. The evolution of humankind made our eyes and brains highly responsive to movement. Imagine being a prehistoric hunter-gatherer. Your chance of survival is about 50% which is not so much, is it? The high mortality of that era was not only caused by various diseases which were basically incurable then, the biggest killer was nature. If you didn't know how to survive in wilderness your chances of survival were very poor.

However, if you were able to learn the necessary skills fast, your future, although still short, would look much better. This is natural selection. Always trying to adapt to new conditions and improving yourself.

But what do you think, what was the most important skill for people then? In my opinion, it was the combination of instinct, observation and fast reactions. A big advantage was when you were already born with these skills because in those days every single movement might have been some kind of danger. Maybe some predator waiting in a bush for you to come closer.

Today, we are free of these dangers, thankfully. But the sharp instincts of our ancestors still remain.

How does this relate to your website? Visitors of your website are descendants of prehistoric hunters we mentioned above, after all. So fear not to take advantage of these facts and make you web more eye-catching for your visitors – for instance, by using micro animations.

Micro animation or microinteraction on your website doesn't pose a danger, but our brains don't know that. Our evolution left a strong legacy and we still have a tendency to focus on things in motion. But it's useful anyway. We don't have to worry about saber-toothed tiger (not all of them were as nice as Diego from Ice Age), but we can find many dangerous 'predators' everyday. They are hidden in today's world too. Car drivers, bikers or random flying objects, you just have to watch out all the time. That's the reason we still in these days have our instincts sharp, especially our sight.

From these facts, we can clearly draw a conclusion that animations and movement on your website can attract the attention of your visitor's eyes. Therefore, don´t be afraid and start using micro animations as they will help make your website more attractive.

Next Chapter: How to force your web visitors to act just like you wish.
It is truly possible, believe me.
To be continued ...