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Role of micro animations in Web Design.


A web design is like a lifeless tree without animations. Animations are the masterstroke to a painting; they are used whenever you need to add life to your content. Easy on the eye, easy source for a little fun, animations look super cool to all users and instantly light up your website. All these elements are key factors to define a web design. As stated by Bill Gates:

"Design is not just how it looks like + feels like.
Design is how it works!"

Animations and their role in web design.

The animation is used wherever you want to provide some feedback to the user. For e.g. if a person inputs an incorrect password, the box outline turns red and shakes mimicking a person shaking his head to say “No! You did it wrong”. Similarly, if someone skipped an important column while filling any form, you shake the box and slide the webpage to focus on that box, animations do these jobs seamlessly. They also serve best when you want the user to follow a certain sequence on the site. For e.g. your website caters a story-based game and the user must follow a precise way to succeed, you place textboxes that slowly appear with the next instruction and disappear in a short while, your user gets his message without concretely occupying space on the page. Nevertheless, animations are a great source of decorating your website. Used effectively, they are much better than displaying solid images, in the same space, you can show 5 different images with a fading transition. However, one must keep in mind, animations must be a source of fun and attraction, not a source of disturbance by being present for too long or occupying a very large area.

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Core principle.

It was founded with the core principle to make web pages look more beautiful – the way they should be – using the large database of micro animations, they feature. You have to pay a small fee to get the code, which you can insert into your website, and you are done! Now that is real-time saving!

How it works.

When you visit it, you are greeted with a beautiful page, starting with a search bar where you can type exactly what kind of micro animation you are looking for, beneath it are some elegantly designed animations. They range from search bars to handle menus and closing icons. Wide variety, beautiful animations, an elite choice of colors. Following it, three simple icons instantly deliver you why their micro animations are so useful. They save your time by not needing to do anything more than buying the animation you like, getting its code and placing it where you want in your code for the web design that is it! Doing so vastly improve your UI and UX by replacing those old looking, static icons that make your webpage look lifeless, bringing your webpage up to date with UI full of life.

Earning opportunities.

You can make money here. Have ideas in mind? Need a place to showcase your wonderful animations?? Jellybo provides this platform, what is better than displaying your ideas to the whole world and even earning money by selling your animations to them.